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The Gas Station of Love

First Fic

The Gas Station of Love


First Fic

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Author: Anne Marsh
Title: On My Own
Fandom: FMA
Pairing/Character: It's a surprise!
Rating: Mature.
Summary: One-man smut show, everybody. If you're not into that, go no further.
Disclaimer: Obviously, I don't own this character, or the man he's fantasizing about.
Feedback: That would make me very happy.

Only when he knew he was alone (and it wasn't often) did he give in... when he knew the others were out, bound to be carousing the night away, when he was alone in the barracks he shared with too many prying eyes for a man with no other form of release...

And *he* never knew... never knew it was *his* smile the other man pictured, his laugh he heard.

No, that wasn't the sort of thing a soldier needed to learn, that one of his comrades, his trusted brothers in arms, had dirty little fantasies about him.

That sort of thing didn't fly in the military, and even the least combative soldier knew it.

The least combative soldier was huddled in his bunk, stroking himself, one ear cocked in case the others came back... He had one fist in his mouth (didn't need to call his name), the other wrapped tight around his hard-on, faster, faster, finish before anyone gets back, it's close to curfew...

He imagined a bigger hand, jerked himself off more roughly and wished a pair of big, strong arms held him in place, wished a smart mouth nipped at his ear.

Sweat infused short, dark hair, sticking it to the scalp, his back prickled uncomfortably, had to finish, had to hurry...

He came into a dusty handkerchief, biting down hard enough to draw a bead of blood to one knuckle.

He'd barely finished tucking himself in when the door swung open, admitting three very tipsy men.

"Too bad you didn't feel well." Vato moaned, collapsing against one wall. "We could have used you, carrying this one home."

Jean fell gracelessly to his bed with a snort. "Liar. You were the one who couldn't straight a walk line."

"You should've come." Heymans said, voice soft with a mellowing sort of tipsiness, no longer raucously drunk as he must have been while at the bar.

Cain blushed and bit his tongue. It wouldn't do to say 'I did'.


  • *glomp* i don't usually do this on a first read... but circumstances thought it necessary. furyxbreda is love... and as short as this was, it was excellent!


    • Aw, thank you!

      Yeah, RoyxHughes and later RoyxJean sucked me into the fandom, but FuryxBreda is just so... so... *right*.

      And icon!love.

  • I love it. Short and sexy and very sweet. Fury/Breda is my OTP and there is so little attention paid to them. Thank you.

    • Aw, you're welcome! And thank *you*!

      Actually, I think it was your icon that made me a fan of this pairing...

  • XD AHAHA! Dude! F***in' awesome!! Good job at keeping the people a secret to the very end. ~_^b

    • Thanks. Yeah, I like secret pairings. Well, except for when I read one and it turns out to be a pairing that violates my OTP, but there have been times when I've accquired pairings I hadn't previously thought of because of a fic with a secret pairing.

      Glad you liked!
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